Your phone, your health (and 5G) | Ep150

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What should you be constantly transporting around a ticking health time explosive device in your wallet? You’d most likely wish to eliminate it, right?

Ends up that scenario isn’t really as crazy because it sounds…

Because just a couple of years back, the nation’s Toxicology Program (area of the National Institutes of Health) released a paper detailing how high amounts of mobile phone radiation caused cancerous tumors in rats.

Now, rats aren’t people, however the report is unquestionably eye-opening.

Well, my guest today states there exists a LOT we ought to get educated about, and it’s not only mobile phones either.

He’s Art Calenge, the founder and Chief executive officer of Lambs, a business that designs and sells “Faraday boxers” to assist men safeguard their reproductive organs from dangerous radiation.

On today’s episode, Art and that i are likely to discuss the risks of EMFs, the reality regarding 5G, and you skill right now to start protecting your and yourself family from wireless radiation.

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

01:30 – The “invisible contaminant” that follows you wherever you go

04:30 – How an appointment can send the body into “flight or fight” mode (even when you are receiving targeted news!)

09:05 – Why earphones (yes, earphones) are ideal for your wellbeing

10:45 – Why men should stop carrying this out using their mobile phones

14:00 – How mobile phones might be affecting women’s fertility

16:05 – What science states concerning the outcomes of wireless radiation and cancer

22:20 – Why you may be an individual “guinea pig” with this technological advance (“This has not been tested on humans before”)

36:00 – What’s really happening with America’s 5G systems (and why that does not really cause you to safe)

40:15 – 4 super approaches to safeguard yourself from wireless radiation (you just need a finger, a timer, a table, and two THESE)

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