Your Immune System is Mostly Gut Bacteria

There’s a very interesting relationship involving the gut bacteria as well as your defense mechanisms. Look at this.



:10 Concerning the microbiome 

1:08 What goes on if you have an imbalance in gut flora 

4:11 The microbiome and immunity 

Today we’re going to speak about the connection involving the friendly gut bacteria as well as your defense mechanisms. 

You will find trillions of microbes living around the body. This really is known as the microbiome. You allow these microbes a home, as well as in exchange, they provide you with immune protection, nutrients, along with other advantageous things. 

• 70% from the defense mechanisms may be the microbiome

• You will find over 10,000 different types of friendly bacteria around your body

• 99% of the microbiome is non-pathogenic 

• Nearly all microbes live in the gut 

If you have an imbalance in gut bacteria or even the microbiome, you begin to:

• Lose your gut lymphatic layer 

• Have home loan business lymph nodes 

• Have less antibodies 

• Have home loan business T-cell production

• Tight on small-chain fatty acids 

• Tight on capability to make B12, B1, vitamin k supplement, biotin, and lactic acid 

The friendly bacteria hoard the quantity of food and available space to limit the amount of pathogenic microbes. The less microbiome you’ve, the less strong the intestinal barrier is, be responsible for leaky gut. It is also my estimation the autoimmune illnesses begin in the gut. 

COVID-19 attacks cells with the ACE2 receptor. Your gut has far more ACE2 receptors compared to lung tissue. So, this may be another mode of entry in to the cell which goes beyond a lung infection. 

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Thank you for watching! I really hope this video can help you better comprehend the relationship involving the defense mechanisms as well as your gut bacteria.

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