Your body is turning protein into fat (here's why) | Dr. Gundry Clips

Should you did not catch the podcast episode where Dr. Gundry debunks prevalent protein myths, this clip is perfect for you. In the end, the coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of things (most of which we ignore) into question. The majority of us are positively defining and re-defining exactly what the word “essential” method for us. And consuming protein is among this stuff. Some people believe it is important to our overall health, some view it being an periodic luxury, while some refrain from it entirely (from ethical or health-based factors). Just how much protein will we actually need? And just what happens for those who have an excessive amount of? Make certain to look at this video to discover why protein might really be stunting unwanted weight loss goals, and why exactly this really is happening.

Watch the entire podcast episode here:

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