You'll NEVER Use Mouth Wash Again After WATCHING THIS! | Dr. Steven Gundry & Dr. Fresh

You probably know this, all of us awaken with morning breath! Before you achieve for your bottle of mouthwash or yes, even certain toothpastes, consider this…

Just About All dental hygiene products currently available are really killing from the good bacteria inside your dental microbiome – be responsible for some pretty serious health problems lower the road.

My guest states there are many methods to naturally enhance your smile As well as your health.

He’s Puneet Nanda (NAAN-da), Also known as “Dr. Fresh”, an Ayurvedic specialist and Chief executive officer of GuruNanda – a wellness company that mixes ancient healing knowledge with cutting-edge technology. About this episode we dive in to the all-natural dental care alternatives will support your general well-being.

Take a look at oil pulling on your own at!

About this episode you’ll learn:

– The frightening truth about these “natural” household products – and just what to make use of rather

– Why you need to do this should you suffer allergic reactions (it’s affordable and completely natural)

– The astonishing effects essential oils might have in your health – and cooking techniques inside your everyday existence

– Why mouthwash (and many tooth paste) is really destroying your GUT – and just what to make use of rather

– How oiling pulling works – and why it ought to take part in everyone’s healthcare routine

– The best essential oils to keep the body healthy as well as your breath smelling fresh – and Dr. Fresh’s favorite product which combines all of them

– Tips to get a “car wash inside your mouth” – it is possible right at home as well as for WAY under you’d spend in the dental professional)

– Some-part dental health regimen that Dr. Fresh recommends everybody do daily

This episode is backed by GuruNanda. However, Dr. Gundry’s opinions are their own.

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