You'll NEVER EAT This Food Again After WATCHING THIS! | Dr. Steven Gundry & Shakira Niazi

I know you are familiar and among my personal favorite herbs – tulsi – wonderful to make pesto and beautifying any salad.

But, have you ever heard of tulsi SEEDS?

They are not only lectin-free, but they’re Filled with the prebiotic fiber your gut loves. And based on my guest, they’re 2 occasions MORE nutritious than chia seeds. She’s Shakira Niazi – founding father of Zen Tulsi, the very first organic tulsi seed company within the U . s . States.

About this episode, we discuss the best way to incorporate these small but effective seeds to your diet to keep a proper weight, smooth digestion and much more!

Shakira Niazi and that i discuss how you can make use of tulsi seeds to keep a proper weight, smooth digestion, and much more!

About this episode you’ll learn:

– The reality regarding chia seeds as well as your health (you may never wish to eat them again)

– Scrumptious and simple uses of tulsi seeds for supporting your gut, brain, heart health – and much more

– What we have ignored food – and just how our “re-engineered” tastebuds are adding to illness

– Why is ZenBasil not the same as other tulsi seeds when it comes to diet – and just how every ZenBasil purchase helps someone in need of assistance

– What low energy and fatigue relate to hydration – and also the water enhancer that may make a big difference

– Why the healthiest plant foods are individuals that “struggle to survive” – and ways you can get much more of them to your diet

– The way the label “certified organic” could be deceiving – and strategies for figuring out whether the food is really free from dangerous chemicals

Visit and enter code “DRG10” for 10% off you buy the car.

This episode is backed by ZenBasil. However, Dr. Gundry’s opinions are their own.

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