You CAN drink this milk (Even on the Gundry Plan) | Ep176

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Milk – it doesn’t perform a body good.

EXCEPT, that’s, if it is from A2 cows.

The thing is, most milk products present in US supermarkets originate from kinds of cows, for example Holstein, that have a very inflammatory kind of milk protein known as A1 casein.

But because of my visitors – a few of the only A2 dairy maqui berry farmers in america – healthier dairy Can be obtained.

Husband-wife duo, Stephanie and Blake Alexandre, plus their five kids, are really pioneers within the A2 dairy industry as well as in farming because the first certified regenerative dairy farm.

About this episode The Alexandres share their incredible story of managing a family farm and you skill to assist facilitate regenerative agriculture in your neighborhood.

We discuss why consuming organic isn’t enough, how farming like our grandma and grandpa can help heal the earth, and why A2 milk products are optimal if you are likely to drink milk.

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About this episode you’ll learn:

What’s MISSING from conventional agriculture – and the way your health might be suffering as a result (1:30)

Why most so-thought “dairy intolerances” are most likely a disguise with this – and also the simple rule for easily enjoying dairy again (3:00)

Why peanut allergic reactions have become more and more common – and just what this sensitivity implies about the healthiness of your GUT (5:00)

Why most conventional animal products lack nutrients and therefore are Filled with chemicals – and the way your health can usually benefit from this “old-fashioned” alternative (6:00)

The HIDDEN advantage of composting – and just how it can benefit maqui berry farmers all over the world manage a more profitable, sustainable business (13:00)

The only real dairy milk that’s truly safe to consume – and how to locate it (not simply will your wellbeing thanks, but you’ll LOVE the flavour) (17:00)

The butter to nibble on – and why butter is really great to improve your health (24:00)

Why organic isn’t enough – and also the “consumer’s guide” to selecting the healthiest produce (26:00)

How regenerative farming helps in order to save the healthiness of our physiques AND our world – and you skill to aid the movement (27:00)

The frightening truth about some commercial infant formula – and things to look for rather (38:00)

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