Worse than cigarettes? (this will surprise you) | Ep145

Right now, you’ve heard me express it again and again – growing older doesn’t have to mean your very best days are behind you…

Also it does not mean you are determined to experience nagging health problems.

For me, age really Is simply a number. It is the choices we make and exactly how we live our way of life that actually impacts our overall health and durability.

In just a minute I’ll talk to Marta Zaraska, a science journalist and author from the new book Growing Youthful, who states the strength of community and connection are the BEST tools we’ve for living lengthy, healthy and happy lives.

We’ll discuss why loneliness might be a whole lot worse to improve your health than CIGARETTES and share methods for you to increase your lifespan in easy, practical, and unpredicted ways.

About this episode you’ll learn:

3:00 Certainly one of Japan’s top durability secrets (it’s nothing related to diet or exercise)

5:00 Why retirement might not be as healthy while you think – and just what to test rather

7:00 The surprising “durability prescription” i give my patients – and just how it might help your health

12:30 Among the lesser-known risks of COVID-19 – and three simple, safe methods to help combat the harm

15:30 How Valentine’s (seriously!) can tack YEARS on your existence

25:00 How the healthiness of your gut impacts your mood, weight, levels of stress, and overall happiness (and something diet “hack” for you to get your gut back in line)

28:00 Why making coffee for the spouse can really extend your lifespan – along with other surprisingly approaches to decrease your mortality risk

34:00 The mindset that may add ten years on your existence – and the way to result in the switch

40:00 Ways to get ALL the health advantages of socialization without having to spend amount of time in group settings or getting away from your safe place

48:00 The synchronizing trick to DOUBLING your boost of “happy hormones”

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