Why we overeat (and what to do about it) | Ep159

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What have you got that is similar to a locust?

My guest today states you’ve got a Much more that is similar to the locust than you believe.

Actually, this similarity is not restricted to locusts — it is something we tell Each and every animal within the entire animal kingdom…

Also it could change how you consider food and diet FOREVER.

I am became a member of today by David Raubenheimer. David may be the Leonard P. Ullmann Chair in Dietary Ecosystem in the College of Sydney and co-author from the incredible book known as Eat Such as the Creatures: What Nature Teaches Us Concerning the Science of Eating Healthily – just in paperback edition!

And trust me, I love this book, and that’s why on today’s episode we are likely to dive DEEP into its contents.

You are likely to learn the reality regarding the food cravings, just how much protein you need to Be eating, what a lot of diets get drastically wrong, plus much more.

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

What grasshoppers can educate you concerning the optimal human diet (3:30)

How creatures within the wild always eat the correct quantity of fats, proteins, and carbs (8:35)

Why ALL creatures look for just one macronutrient (11:00)

The Actual supply of the weight problems epidemic (this really is shocking) (15:15)

Why we like to binge on processed carbs (and it is NOT what you believe) (16:55)

Why the carnivore and Atkins diets work (and why they FAIL within the lengthy term) (17:45)

The nutrient that’s missing from most people’s diets (plus, why consuming more of the carb can really assist you to slim down) (22:35)

What 95% of american citizens get WRONG about fiber (and the best way to end up part of the fivePercent) (28:00)

Why the keto weight loss program is really an “emergency” diet (30:30)

The shocking results of a higher-protein diet (and just what breast milk can educate us about proper human diet) (33:45)

How ultra-junk foods “hack” your own body’s natural taste receptors thus making you overindulge fats and carbs (39:30)

The dirty methods the large food companies use to confuse us by what to consume (45:00)

How you can easily calculate just how much protein you ought to be eating every single day (47:55)

The Main One trouble with fasting (why this “problem” can really be considered a good factor within the lengthy term) (56:00)

What apes understand about FAT that people don’t (59:30)

Why you need to (almost) always eat roasted nuts (and which nuts would be best eaten raw) (01:04:00)

Full Show notes:

159: Why we overeat (and what to do about it)

Pointed out about this episode:

Eat Such as the Creatures (order your copy)


The Durability Paradox


The Power Paradox


Retailers of Doubt


USDA Nutrient Calculator

https://world wide web.nal.usda.gov/fnic/dri-calculator/index.php

Professor David Raubenheimer’s research


Professor Stephen Simpson’s research (David’s co-author on Eat Such as the Creatures)

https://world wide web.sydney.edu.au/science/about/our-people/academic-staff/stephen-simpson.html

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