Why “snot” is crucial for your health | Ep174

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What likes to munch in your mucus while helping safeguard you against individuals annoying plant lectins? You’re about to discover!

For probiotics, you may know common strains like Lactobacillus acidophilus or Bifidobacterium bifidum.

But unless of course you’ve read my books, such as the Durability Paradox, that tout its amazing qualities, you might have not learned about this INCREDIBLE durability-supporting bacteria!

First identified in 2004, Akkermansia muciniphila — which accurately means “mucus loving” — is really a types of bacteria that can help to keep our gut lining.

And so far, it’s never been like vitamins.

Enter Pendulum Existence, the very first company to provide akkermansia in pill form.

I’m so excited to possess researcher Colleen Cutliffe on as Chief executive officer and co-founding father of Pendulum to inform all of us about this.

About this episode we discuss this bacterium’s benefits and why akkermansia is really unique.

*This episode is backed by Pendulum Existence – however, my opinions on Akkermansia muciniphila are my very own.

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About this episode you’ll learn:

Probably the most exciting breakthroughs within the good reputation for microbiome research – and just how it can help you live an extended, healthier existence (2:00)

How “leaky gut” develops with time, indications you might be suffering, and why it matters for the longterm health (3:00)

2 key functions missing in many individuals with metabolic disease – and just how this “mucus-loving” bacteria might make A big difference (6:00)

Why SNOT is vital to improve your health – and also the “Goldilocks problem” that puts Your wellbeing in danger (9:00)

Why probiotics made such as this will probably have virtually no effectiveness – and things to look for around the label (14:00)

Among the best methods to monitor your body’s unique tolerability to sugar and protein – and just how doing this may offer you a much better knowledge of your state of health (16:00)

The reason why you could eat almost anything whenever you were a child (but still feel and look great) – and why it does not always need to be a factor of history (17:00)

What farmer’s have trained us about using antibiotics – and just how getting THIS important conversation together with your physician might make a big impact in your health (19:00)

Why you might be giving an excessive amount of credit to probiotic yogurt – and why THIS is a lot more effective for supporting gut health ( 20:00)

The key to helping your “gut garden” flourish (and also the trick to Ensure that is stays healthy) (23:00)

Why we obtain “butterflies” when we’re nervous or excited – and just how it surprisingly pertains to the the first recognition and protection against neurodegenerative disorders (25:00)

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