Why are THESE people living so long? | Ep190

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Let’s say You can unlock the strategies of a long-resided people in the world?

Well, There is very good news: You are able to.

About this episode I perform a deep dive on Blue Zones – the five geographic regions which are the place to find a few of the world’s longest-living people – and allow you to in on some secrets that can help you live a long, healthiest existence possible.

And because the only diet expert to invest many of their career residing in a blue zone, I will tell you these secrets are most likely NOT what you’re expecting

I bust a few of the greatest blue zone myths, reveal my #1 durability-booster with regards to diet, and share the best way to start trading to reside a lengthy, healthy existence – regardless of where you are.

I’ll also answer a number of YOUR most pressing questions about the problem – directly from my instagram!

About this episode you’ll learn:

Surprising foods which may be shortening your lifespan – and the way to help counterbalance the damage (10:06)

Why Italians avoid THESE 2 foods (they’re likely inside your kitchen) – and the best way to ditch them permanently (11:09)

The most popular denominator in most blue zones – and just how it can benefit You reside a wholesome, longer existence (12:46)

What many people get wrong relating to this “bad-for-you” food – and why it’s very popular in most of the blue zones (16:20)

Why I consider myself a “veg-aquarian” – and also the nutritional changes you may make to reap serious health advantages (19:30)

My must-know durability secret and just how it doubles like a tool for weight-loss (hint: it’s nothing related to diet) (22:50)

An effective way to fast for optimum benefits – and how to proceed when you are getting hungry) (28:39)

How individuals nowhere zones avoid THIS health-wrecker – and the best way to too (35:00)

The Way I have altered my lifestyle since residing in a blue zone (and simple changes you may make TODAY) (37:28)

Pointed out about this episode:

Unlocking the Keto Code


The Durability Paradox


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