What’s WRONG with tap water? | Ep175

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People always ask: Dr. G, must i be filtering my water?

Well, rapid response is yes, absolutely.

But what’s the easiest method to filter water?

My guest today states he’s got the solution. He’s among the early developers of reverse-osmosis technology, now he’s here that will help you straighten out fiction from fact and help you produce the very best decision to improve your health.

I’m speaking about Robert Slovak. Robert is really a degreed Mechanical and Aeronautical & Astronautical engineer who has developed in the water treatment game because the 1970s as he co-founded the organization Water Factory Systems.

Since that time, Robert’s been in the leading edge water filtration technology and he’s taken his understanding all across the globe.

About this episode, we reveal the reality regarding plain tap water and just how the best filtration supports better health insurance and longer existence.

About this episode you’ll learn:

The deadly contanament hiding in many water, why it matters to improve your health, and you skill to safeguard yourself (3:00)

Why your consuming WATER would be to blame for low levels of energy – and also the simple switch that may make a big difference (15:00)

Why searching for consuming water is much like walking via a “minefield” – and also the BEST canned water money can purchase (28:00)

Probably the most profound breakthroughs on antiaging and durability – and just how YOU can engage in it for much better health (32:00)

Why there’s Nobody perfect water filtration for each home – and the way to pick which filtration fits your needs and your loved ones (38:00)

The main reason MOST water filters are a complete waste of money – and also the frightening chemicals they’re departing behind (49:00)

The reality regarding alkaline water – and why you need to NOT believe the hype (55:00)

What new information concludes about the advantages of a higher-fat diet – and just what became of several participants who used one liter of essential olive oil each week (1:00:00)

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Pointed out about this episode:

Robert’s email: RobertSlovak@waterandwellness.com


https://world wide web.drinklitewater.com/





The Habitat Crisis By Professor August Dunning

https://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=LtTVIu85E-

AquaTru Water Purification System


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