What’s in Dr. Gundry’s fruit bowl? | Ep149

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You realize, since I told my readers to “give fruit the boot” within my first book, individuals have labeled me as some type of “fruit hater.”

Well, my spouse Cent let you know, I’m not a fruit hater.

Actually, there are plenty of fruits I love and recommend.

So within this “small episode,” I share a couple of of my personal favorite fruits (and WHY I really like them a lot), easy strategies for eating fruit moderately, and exactly what it way to eat your fruit “in season” (it’s a bit more complicated than you believe!).

Within this episode you’ll learn:

01:00 – The Actual reason for fruit in what you eat (this might surprise you) – and why an excessive amount of fruit can destroy your wellbeing, energy and waistline

03:30 – Why you’re likely consuming far more fruit than you believe – and the way to make certain you aren’t overdoing it

04:00 – Exactly what it way to eat your fruit “in season” – and my 3 shopping strategies for finding “safe-to-eat” fruits

05:15 – Why “America’s favorite fruit” is really Not Allowed (regardless of season)

6:30 – My top ten FAVORITE fruits – and why they outperform other fruits with regards to health advantages

09:15 – Why you ought to stop freezing your fruit (yes, even when these were technically “in season” whenever you froze them)

10:15 – Why bread that’s been “long-fermented” continues to be Harmful to improve your health – and a few exciting news for bread-enthusiasts

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