What Dr. Berg Eats

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US Wellness Meats:


Summer time Sausage:

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Discover precisely what Dr. Berg eats every day! 


:00 Healthy Keto 

:43 The number of occasions Dr. Berg eats a day 

1:19 Keto versus. Healthy Keto 

1:47 Exactly what does Dr. Berg eat?

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Within this video, I am going to undergo things i typically eat on the given day. It is nothing too exciting because unlike lots of people I’m able to consume the same factor each day. Others need variety, and that is fine. And this is what I eat, but to nibble on anything you want as lengthy as it is keto-friendly. 

Presently, I eat 1 1 / 2 meals each day. I’d normally eat one meal each day, however when basically do this, I am inclined to lose an excessive amount of weight. I in addition have a harder time fitting all the calories I want into one meal. 

I’ve my first meal between 1-2 pm. I’ve my second meal between 5-6 pm. This provides us a fasting range from 19-21 hrs. 

Keto versus. Healthy keto:

Keto — 

A minimal-carb diet that does not concentrate on diet. You will find benefits whenever you decrease your carbs. 

Healthy Keto — 

A minimal-carb diet that factors in nutrient-dense foods. I believe a proper Keto diet with intermittent fasting is the easiest method to go. 

What Dr. Berg eats:

First meal — Mostly a mix of protein and fat with a few vegetables (little) 

A couple of different combinations I love:

• 4 eggs with onions and fermented vegetables (without sugar) or raw asparagus 

• Grass-given, grass-finished, fatty hamburger (.5Ib) and sauerkraut 

• Organic summer time sausage (8 oz.) with organic grass-given Swiss cheese 

• Salmon (8 oz.) fried with essential olive oil, capped with ocean salt, pepper, and mayo (Primal Kitchen) with olives around the side 

• A number of pecans following the meal (if unsatisfied) 

• Celery and organic valencia salted peanut butter following the meal (if unsatisfied)

• Sugar-free chocolate from time to time following the meal (if unsatisfied)

Second meal — Mainly vegetables with a tiny bit of protein and fat.

A couple of different combinations I love:

• 8 glasses of salad (arugula or vegetables mix in the farmer’s market, essential olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, ocean salt, and avocado or nuts)

• 3 1/2 glasses of chopped white-colored and red cabbage and carrots, capped with mayo (Primal Kitchen)

• 4 cups steamed cauliflower with butter, ocean salt, and pepper

A Few Things I will add to my second meal:

• 1/2 can cod liver

• Summer time sausage (4 oz.)

• Pecans 

• Celery and organic valencia salted peanut butter

I fry my eggs in beef tallow, and that i attempt to get my vegetables in the farmer’s market. Basically buy vegetables in the store, they need to be organic. I additionally overeat of organic tomato plants in the farmer’s market or my garden when they are in season. 


Dr. Eric Berg received his Physician of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His utilization of “doctor” or “Dr.” with regards to themself exclusively describes that degree. Dr. Berg is really a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no more practices chiropractic in almost any condition and doesn’t see patients so he is able to concentrate on educating people like a full-time activity, yet he maintains an energetic license. This video is perfect for general informational purposes only. It shouldn’t be employed to self-identify which is not an alternative to a clinical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It doesn’t produce a physician-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and also you. You shouldn’t make any alternation in your wellbeing regimen or diet before first talking to a health care provider and acquiring a clinical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always consult a health care provider or any other qualified health provider with any queries you might have regarding a clinical condition. The & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. aren’t liable or accountable for any advice, treatment, diagnosis or other information, services or product you get through this video or site.

Thank you for watching! I really hope learning things i eat every day can help you with your personal Healthy Keto journey.

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