What belly fat REALLY means | Ep184

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Stomach fat.

It’s something many Americans have battled with at some point.

And transporting that fat around your midsection does a lot more than impacting the way in which your clothes fit.

It’s seriously dangerous.

Actually, my visitors today state that excessive stomach fat is among the main reasons for cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

Which we’re all in danger – regardless of how thin we may look.

About this episode, we listen to Dr. Paul Han and Hank Kim, the Chief executive officer and CSO of BELLO – the world’s first portable stomach fat scanner.

We’ll discuss why a lot of us have a problem with stomach fat, what our midsection may suggest about our overall health, and why simply walking around the scale isn’t enough.

We share the way the BELLO device can help you decode your stomach fat and manage your wellbeing.

About this episode you’ll learn:

The “silent killer” with regards to kinds of stomach fat – and why even “thin” people might be in danger (3:00)

The reasons people accumulate probably the most fat within their midsection – and three changes in lifestyle that may dramatically assistance to slim your waistline (it isn’t what you believe) (5:00)

Why obtaining a liposuction procedure isn’t an effective way of removing health-destroying excess fat – and how to proceed rather) (8:00)

2 kinds of foods which are the reason for creating a “beer belly” – and the way to prevent them (8:30)

Why women could have a harder time eliminating stomach fat than men – and also the conversation together with your physician that may change everything (9:00)

The hyperlink between metabolic health insurance and stomach fat – and just how neglecting your metabolic health can really be fatal (15:00)

Why unwanted weight and Body mass index aren’t proper indicators of the health – and just how the BELLO device supplies a better measurement (17:30)

The relatively recent technology that’s revolutionizing the way you measure excess fat and health – and the best way to can get on (24:00)

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