What are postbiotics? Here’s the scoop. | Ep153

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Right now, you’ve most likely heard about probiotics and prebiotics.

But on today’s episode, I am likely to talk about postbiotics — the most crucial compound within your body you’ve most likely never heard about.

Today, you are likely to discover why these special compounds — created through the “gut buddies” residing in your microbiome — are among the most effective methods to help your health insurance and levels of energy.

You are also going to find out what TOXIC gas can really improve your health, ways to get your children to consume more fiber, and why a particular kind of grain (yes, grain!) can really do well for the gut health.

Trust me, you are not likely to wish to miss that one!

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

The shocking truth about probiotics (you have to hear this)

Why feeding your gut buddies the best meals are essential (and why the majority of us are providing them with food incorrectly)

The way your gut bugs really “talk” for your cells (this really is wild)

Why your mom is really accountable for your time (and the healthiness of your microbiome — really!)

How adding THIS element to water can really improve your levels of energy

Why one toxic gas can really improve your levels of energy (as long as you receive the correct quantity)

The compound in butter to help you slim down and may affect your mood and levels (and an easy method to have it compared to eating an entire stick of butter!)

The “awesome” technique that may transform starches into food for the gut buddies

Why THIS “embarrassing” habit after foods are really required for good gut health (plus much more)

How to proceed for those who have a sensitivity to garlic clove and onions (this really is SIMPLE)

Just how much fiber you will need to eat every single day (and the way to sneak much more of it to your kids’ diets)

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