Use These NUTRITION TIPS To Support A Healthy Immune System! | Catharine Arnston

If you’ve read my new book, Unlocking the Keto Code, you realize by pointing out mitochondria – and why it is so required for all around health.

As it happens, that both aging and disease are controlled by our mitochondrial DNA.

These types of such things as pollution, stress, and poor diet, our mitochondria can begin to put on lower as we grow older.

The good thing is, oftentimes, this damage Could be repaired.

And my guest today is here now to talk about among the easiest, least expensive means of supporting the healthiness of your mitochondria.

I welcome back Catharine Arnston, the founder, Chief executive officer, and Chief Scientific Officer of ENERGYbits – a wellness company focusing on edible algae tablets.

Catharine shares her latest research on the best way to help unlock the strength of your mitochondria with algae – probably the most potent superfoods on the flight.

Within this episode you’ll learn:

The “nutritional rockstar” which has the greatest power of protein and nutrients on the planet

Exactly what the Un has endorsed because the 1970s because the “answer to world hunger” (and where one can have it)

Why mitochondria would be the answer to existence (and just how protecting it can benefit support healthy immune and mitochondrial function)

The mitochondrial-support diet – and just how it might benefit your time and weight

Why most spirulina goods are missing THIS essential enzyme – and where one can have it

Why this man attributes algae to saving his existence – and also the benefits it might dress in Your wellbeing

Ways you can get something like a whole plate of vegetables in only one tablet

How to proceed if you are trying to reduce lectins and carbs (and the way to get efficient diet)

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