Uric Acid – The Acid You May Need to Drop – with Dr. Johnson | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 138

There’s a lot exciting and new information making its method to the overall health arena associated with the pivotal role of the crystals when it comes to threatening our metabolic health. Elevated the crystals has become being thought of as adding to the introduction of a number of metabolic issues including elevated triglycerides, insulin resistance and elevated bloodstream sugar, overweight and weight problems, as well as elevated bloodstream pressure. As a result, controlling the crystals has turned into a effective new tool within our toolbox.

Possibly probably the most broadly recognized leader in the crystals scientific studies are our guest today, Dr. Richard Manley, whose work in this region spans 2 decades. Dr. Manley can serve as Professor of drugs in the College of Colorado.

Around the program we’ll explore the central role of the crystals in metabolic disorders, how you can bring the crystals in check, how fructose enhances the crystals production, and the way forward for the crystals research.

As numerous individuals know, my next book Drop Acidity is centered on this subject. And due to my gratitude to Dr. Manley not just for his research and dedication but in addition for his guidance, my new book is devoted to him. He themself includes a new book being released at the begining of Feb 2022 titled Nature Wants Us to become Fat, and that i had the recognition of writing the foreword with this work.


Dr. Richard Manley is really a Professor of drugs in the College of Colorado and it is a clinician, educator, and investigator. He’s board-certified in internal medicine, infectious illnesses, and kidney disease and it is the founding editor of Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology, among the primary textbooks on kidney disease. In excess of twenty years, he’s brought research on the reason for weight problems and diabetes, with special interest becoming sugar (especially fructose) and the crystals. His studies have been highly reported, printed in top medical journals, and based on grants in the National Institutes of Health. He’s the writer from the Sugar Fix and also the Fat Switch. His latest work contains condition-of-the-art breakthroughs on the reason for weight problems and potential cures.


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