UNfollow your Passion to Find Fulfillment – with Terri Trespicio | The Empowering Neurologist EP.154

We’re so frequently told that our fundamental goals in existence is to locate our “passion” and abide by it. When we can identify this goal, we’re brought to think, then everything will magically fall under place.

Based on Terri Trespicio, our guest around the podcast today, as busy searching for the passion we may well lose out on possibilities that could come our way. These possibilities might be associated with our work or perhaps our relationships. Terri causes it to be obvious that it is “OK to not know” as it requires finding our passion, which surpasses, as readily available for them, can be quite fulfilling.

Lots of people appear to invest a lot of time trying to puzzle out “what they are meant to do.” But because Terri, quoting her mother counters, “You create existence by living it.”

Studying Terri’s new book, UNfollow Your Passion, could lead the readers to acknowledge that she or he is letting another person set the guidelines for which is the existence. And also the book allows us to understand both how this occurs, and importantly, what are going to to place ourselves during the driver’s seat.



:00 Intro

2:10 Selecting a Profession

6:11 Romantic Partnership

8:49 Comfort and Discomfort

18:38 Things that we “Swallow”

23:14 Gaining knowledge from MLMs

28:45 Tools for Redirection

40:25 Conclusion


Terri Trespicio is definitely an award-winning author, in-demand speaker, and brand consultant whose TEDx talk, “Stop Trying to find Your Passion,” continues to be viewed greater than seven million occasions. She earned her MFA in creative writing from Emerson College and won to begin with within the Baltimore Review’s 2016 literary contest. Her writing has additionally been featured in Marie Claire, Jezebel, Business Insider, yet others. Visit TerriTrespicio.com to learn more.

Instagram: @ttrespicio

Twitter: @TerriT

Facebook: @TerriTrespicio


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