Top 3 Mushrooms & Spices for your Longevity

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You insert them in your salads. You sauté them and use them burgers. Sometimes, as with the situation of portobello mushrooms, they even replace burgers. However, many mushrooms aren’t just tasty — they’re also superfoods. For example, are you aware about Chaga mushroom benefits?

You are able to already locate them as ingredients in certain of the favorite recipes. However these super mushrooms increase the than texture and flavor for your diet. They add many health advantages too.

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00:12 – Super Spice #1 cinnamon

00:33 – Super Spice #2 Cloves

00:49 – Super Spice #3 Pepper

01:08 – Super Mushroom #1 Shiitake

01:25 – Super Mushroom #2 Lion’s Mane

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