Thymus, the Missing Link in Viral Protection

Learn to offer the thymus gland for much better viral protection. 



:08 What’s the thymus?

:37 Thymus function

1:37 What exactly are T cells?

6:33 Exactly what is a B cell?

8:17 Zinc and also the thymus gland 

8:32 How you can offer the thymus gland 

Today we are going to speak about the thymus gland with regards to infections. 

What’s the thymus?

The thymus is an extremely important lymph gland located right over the heart. When you are born, the thymus is big, and as you become older, it shrinks. 

The thymus has an essential primary function known as central tolerance. Tolerance is about stopping a self-attack. You wouldn’t want your personal defense mechanisms to visit rogue and destroy your personal tissues. 

T cells — T cells are coded in the thyroid. 

You will find three kinds of T cells:

• Killer cells — Kill viral infected cells (needs iodine)

• Assistant T cells — Tag infections for other cells to kill (needs vitamin D)

• Regulatory cells — Keep your defense mechanisms from overreacting (needs vitamin D)

B cells — B cells are coded in the bone marrow. 

B cells make antibodies. Antibodies tag pathogens so other cells can kill them. But, antibodies can’t do anything when the virus will get in to the cell. This is where assistant T cells are available in. 

Antibodies are specific to particular pathogens. The body is able to develop countless different antibodies. With sufficient antibodies, you might have resistance or protection to virtually anything. 

If you are deficient in zinc, this case may cause your thymus to contract, and you are not likely to have the suggestions above functions.

How you can offer the thymus gland:

• Zinc 

• Vitamin D

• Iodine

• Keeping stress low 

• Staying away from sugar

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Thank you for watching! I really hope this video can help you better comprehend the thymus and the way to support your thymus gland for much better immunity.

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