This is one POWERFUL mushroom | Ep178

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Full show notes and transcript:

Trivia time!

Which superfood boasts more potassium than the usual blueberry and much more antioxidants than blueberry OR açai?

I’ll provide you with a hint: It’s been hailed because the “King of medicinal fungi”

I’m speaking about CHAGA – probably the most nutritionally dense, immune-supporting foods on the planet!

As well as on this episode, my guest and that i talk About it.

I’m became a member of by Brandon Mizrahie, the Chief executive officer and founding father of RENUDE – the “stripped-down” beverage company and makers from the scrumptious chagaccino.

Brandon battled for a long time with difficult health problems and virtually no solutions.

It had not been until he switched for this ancient fungus he started living his best, healthiest existence – determined the love in order to others perform the same.

About this episode, Brandon and that i explain what chaga could do to improve your health – and why the chagaccino should become the perfect new go-to consume.

About this episode you’ll learn:

About adaptogens – including the way they support your mental and physical health, and the best sources in the world (8:00)

What sets Chaga aside from other fungi and adaptogens – and also the incredible effects it may dress in Your wellbeing (4:00)

What it really way to “hit the brakes” in your defense mechanisms – and just how it may can really benefit Your wellbeing (19:00)

How this “beauty nutrient” supports the healthiness of the skin, hair and eyes (would it even delay the development of gray hair?) (22:00)

Probably the most Scrumptious method of getting the health advantages of chaga (it’s very easy, convenient and super versatile) (25:00)

Cacao versus. cacao (there’s a positive change) – and why the first is typically a significantly healthier option (29:00)

Steps to make a “healthy frappuccino” from home – in a couple of simple steps (it’s less costly than seeing a cafe and merely as scrumptious) (33:00)

How olympic athletes used THIS to improve their levels of energy by 25% – and the best way to too (It’s totally legal and completely safe) (34:30)

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