The TRUTH About The Water You're Drinking & The DANGEROUS Secrets To Look For | Dr. Steven Gundry

If there’s one factor we’d all die in days without – it’s WATER.

That is why I’m getting back this essential episode where I dive deep right into a subject a lot of us might not think much about: Hydration.

About this episode, I reveal the reality regarding canned water, just how much water you need to be consuming every single day, whether “trendy” waters meet the hype, plus much more.

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

– Just how much water do you want to consume every single day? The solution may shock you.

– If you were consuming enough water by pinching THIS part of the body

– The “water station” reason a lot of marathon runners collapse mid-race

– Why you need to ALWAYS avoid this popular water source

Body additive to normalcy plain tap water that could really benefit your mind

– Why consuming plain tap water contaminated with this particular chemical may really be very harmful for the gut health

– How detoxing may really be putting MORE toxins to your blood stream

– Why this “cool” drink is really really healthy for you — and can help you use-up more calories!

– The main one time you shouldn’t stay hydrated

– Why this popular water brand may really be HURTING your digestive health

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