The truth about successful people | Ep169

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He’s frequently known as “the Ray King of podcasting”, and he’s interviewed professional athletes, best-selling authors, effective businessmen, and scientists.

He’s been named by Forbes among the best relationship-builders on the planet.

He’s Jordan Harbinger, the host from the Jordan Harbinger Show.

About this episode, we are likely to discuss the best way to bring more quality for your friendships, feel positive about ANY social situation, and make relationships to help you live your very best existence.

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About this episode you’ll learn:

What many people do WRONG when building relationships – and Jordan’s trick allowing you to connect with only about anybody (11:00)

The Actual secret to success – and the way to better recognize, and make the most of your possibilities (13:00)

How Jordan “freed himself” from feelings of maximum shyness and also the anxiety about failure – and just how his technique might help improve your success and happiness (20:00)

Building significant, symbiotic relationships – and why it’s a lot more valuable than getting a “mentor” (28:00)

Why your “social capital” matters – and a pair of simple drills will build yours TODAY (33:00)

Why this common thought process is DESTROYING your friendships – and the way to bring more quality to the relationship (38:00)

Jordans professional advice for sharpening your communication skills (42:00)

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