The truth about fasting (and when you SHOULD eat) | Ep180

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Full show notes and transcript:

You realize, individuals are always asking me for recommendations on how to live longer, healthier lives.

Well, should you read my book, The Durability Paradox, you may know my answer.

Because one factor that may dramatically improve your healthspan (as well as your lifespan) is one thing known as a 5-day vegan fast. Actually, this straightforward strategy is like taking your mitochondria on the 5-day health spa retreat (great news – you may still eat about this fast).

And my guest is among the greatest advocates of this kind of fas-mimicking. Dr. Frederick Antoun may be the Chief executive officer of L-Nutra, which concentrates on supplying individuals with the understanding and tools to reside to 110 and beyond.

About this episode, Dr. Antoun and that i discuss shifting from “sick care” the way a fast-mimicking diet will help you live your longest, maximum existence and why the majority of the foods we are eating nowadays are really LESS nutritious compared to what they was once.

About this episode you’ll learn:

The unfortunate truth concerning the U . s . State’s “sick-care system”, how it’s impacting Your wellbeing, and you skill to safeguard your and yourself family (2:00)

Why the diet content on most food decreases Each year – and also the trick to maintaining a higher-quality, nutritionally-dense diet (14:00)

Why fasting WORKS with regards to weight reduction (as well as has possibility to extend your lifespan) – and the way to pick which fasting technique fits your needs (17:00)

The fasting mistake produced by most Americans – and also the change you have to make to higher support your wellbeing and manage unwanted weight (25:00)

Why Dr. Antoun states This is actually the best factor that you can do to improve your health – and something simple step you are able to take today (28:00)

Ways to get ALL the advantages of fasting… while EATING (This isn’t a trick!) (30:00)

Why the body really needs STRESS (the great kind a minimum of) – and just how it may dramatically impact your wellbeing (41:00)

Why “gluten-free” labels are really misleading – and the easiest method to avoid gluten entirely (44:00)

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