The TOP FOODS You Need To Eat To STAY HEALTHY! | Dr. William Li & Dr. Steven Gundry

When’s the final time your physician prescribed a bowl of leafy vegetables or a number of mushrooms?

Unless of course you’re my patient, most likely never!

And it is unfortunate – because FOOD is among the most effective tools we’ve for optimizing our overall health.

And my guest couldn’t agree more.

I welcome back Dr. William Li, physician, researcher, and author of Eat To Conquer Disease: The Brand New Science of methods The Body Can Heal Itself.

Dr. Li and that i reveal what most doctors MISS with regards to health insurance and durability, the shocking science behind diet and disease, and also the health-transforming foods everybody ought to be consuming every day.

About this episode you’ll learn:

– The shocking way our gut health affects our brain (and the best way to hone the mind)

– The very best foods that will help balance your microbiome AND support healthy circulation

– How concentrating on THIS colour of foods supports your “health defense systems”

– Why ancient civilizations happen to be eating these “rotten” foods for a long time (and just how they lead for your gut’s ecosystem)

– So why do ladies drink 2 portions of champagne each day have GREAT vascular health

– Why you might have been preparing mushrooms wrong (and the best way to reap their benefits)

– The surprising foods that could devastate, destroy, and damage your wellbeing immune system

– The so-known as “health foods” are Harmful

– How missing THIS staple can impact many regions of your wellbeing (even when you’re doing anything else right)

– The best way to support durability using this method simple activity just for 5-ten minutes every night

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Because of unforeseen conditions, we apologize for that seem/visuals close to the finish of the interview.

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