The shocking history of YOUR favorite food | Ep186

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Full show notes and transcript:

Like a species we’re practically hardwired to obsess over food.

And in the cultural ties, towards the taste and dietary profiles – our understanding of meals are vast, and expands in lots of directions.

What many people Have no idea, is the fact that foods provide an incredibly wealthy and interesting history – including their original purpose, meaning, and dynamic relationship with humans.

And my guest talks about it.

About this episode, I consult with Matt Siegel, former British Professor and author from the book The Key Good reputation for Food: Strange But True Tales Concerning the Origins of all things We Eat.

Matt and that i identify the hidden facts behind popular foods, including our toxic codependency with corn, and also the perpetual trouble with most commercial essential olive oil. We also reveal why tomato plants were once blamed for witchcraft and werewolves, and taters for syphilis and leprosy!

About this episode you’ll learn:

The Large trouble with corn ( how it’s hurting our physiques and our world) (4:00)

Why it’s extremely difficult to really “eat much like your ancestors” – and how to proceed rather(11:00)

The-destroying food many people are unknowingly consuming EVERY day– and the way to cure it (12:30)

The unfortunate truth about MOST essential olive oil available on the market – and the way to decipher from a real essential olive oil along with a bottle of “poison” (20:00)

Why cereal was initially produced to become disgusting (and it was even causing damaged teeth!) – and just how it evolved is the sugar-explosive device Americans love today (24:00)

Why our ancient ancestors were genuinely scared of tomato plants (and the reason why you still ought to be!) (33:00)

The dental hygiene trick that actually works for most of my patients – and the best way to easily incorporate it to your routine(42:00)

Pointed out about this episode:

The Key Good reputation for Food: Strange but True Tales Concerning the Origins of all things We Eat

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