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Well, gas can enter your GI tract inside a couple of various ways. Obviously, everyone knows it’s very easy to burp after guzzling lower a bubbly beverage, but merely swallowing air – also known as “aerophagia” – is a very common method to introduce gas and bloating for your system. Usually, the environment will get midway lower your wind pipe and you expel it back using your mouth.

But, whenever you swallow air out on another belch it, it enters your stomach. And often that air causes it to be completely for your stomach and may even cause discomfort. Usually, if you think discomfort because of gas, it’s because gas isn’t well tolerated from your lengthy, inflexible small intestine. Later, it’s expelled as intestinal gas.

And you will find other reasons for gas and bloating – like intolerance of certain carbohydrates, microbial overgrowth inside your small intestine, functional bowel disorders like leaky gut syndrome or ibs (IBS).

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