The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter M.D., and Sergey Young

There is a lot happening in durability science. Researchers are working hard attempting to solve the mysteries of the items causes the condition we all know as aging.

But past the actual bench research, dedicated thought leaders do operator to facilitate the science and produce focus on this burgeoning discipline. And among the pivotal players within this arena is my close friend, Sergey Youthful (

Sergey is really a durability investor and visionary having a pursuit to extend healthy lifespans with a minimum of one billion people. To do that, Sergey founded the $100M Durability Vision Fund to accelerate existence extension technological breakthroughs and also to make durability affordable and available to all.

Sergey is around the Board of Company directors from the American Federation of getting older Research and it is the event Sponsor from the Age Reversal XPRIZE global competition made to cure aging. He’s also certainly one of Top-100 Durability Leaders along with a Forbes Tech Council member, and it is the writer of 10 Simple Concepts of a healthy diet plan: Lose weight fast, Look Youthful and Live Longer (

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