The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, M.D., and Max Lugavere

Clearly, probably the most important goals from the conversations we attempt to spark here’s empowerment. This empowerment is particularly valuable as it requires brain health.

I am certain that lots of explore only viewed these interview with Max Lugavere, but additionally read his important book, Genius Foods.

Max now includes a new book, The Genius Existence (, that appears not just at food, but at other important lifestyle factors that greatly increase our degree of empowerment with the aim of keeping our minds healthy.

Max, for reasons that you’ll see within this interview, is among my personal favorite citizen scientists. His quest for the actual causes and potential methods for reducing risk for brain degeneration comes into the world from his personal expertise together with his mother’s neurodegenerative condition.

Although this makes his story poignant, it is so vital that you recognize what Max has been doing with this particular experience to be able to offer empowerment to any or all who’ll listen. I believe this interview provides you with numerous tools, and lots of information, will accomplish this objective.

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