The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, M.D. and Dr. Matthew Phillips

Today on The Empowering Neurologist I had the pleasure of again getting together with Dr. Matthew Phillips. He’s been in this program previously (https://world wide discussing the potency of the ketogenic diet in Parkinson’s disease.  

Today he explored the idea of fasting, and revealed how effective a therapy this might represent as it requires both maintaining your brain healthy plus treating existing disease.

Let me share the final outcome from his recent publication, Fasting like a Therapy in Nerve Disease, as It states a great deal:

Within an era of rising healthcare costs as well as an growing prevalence of nerve disease, the development of a self-empowering, cost-free, effective therapeutic choice for a variety of nerve disorders will be a welcome accessory for the armamentarium of physicians. Today’s most typical nerve disorders are essentially characterised by defective metabolic process, on the majority of levels. Considering that fasting is a straightforward, multi-targeted, and basically “metabolic” therapy having a healthy history for the treatment of a number of nerve illnesses in creatures, it holds promise like a strategy to similar illnesses in humans. Regardless of this promise, the condition from the evidence in humans is very limited a lot more research is needed prior to the actual clinical effectiveness of fasting like a therapy in human nerve disorders could be determined. Yet if these studies could be prioritized, possibly the day will come when fasting regimens are prescribed alongside medication-based approaches, culminating within the beginning of the unified metabolic approach, able to modifying not just the signs and symptoms, but the natural course, of the very most common, disabling nerve illnesses around. 

So glad I’m able to share this interview wonderful you during our #SummerFastingChallenge.


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