The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, M.D., and Dr. Lisa Mosconi

How come most Alzheimer’s patients women?

It has come about as an unexpected for you, but women outnumber men with regards to Alzheimer’s sufferers with a ratio of two to at least one. Why Alzheimer’s affects women so adversely is unclear, but we all do know there’s lots of science that’s starting to understand this statistic. Furthermore, now that we’re gaining ground on understanding why the feminine mental abilities are weaker for this devastating disease, it enables us to start getting our arms around the concept that specific changes in lifestyle could be very essential as they connect with reducing a ladies risk.

In her own new book, The XX Brain (, my close friend, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, takes us towards the innovative of neuroscience research, revealing how variations between your men and women brain may set happens for Alzheimer’s in addition to depression. Having a effective foreword by Maria Shriver, the data in The XX Brain is essentially essential for all ladies, along with the other 50% in our population.

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