The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, M.D., and Dr. George Tetz

Today I’ve the chance to talk with Dr. George Tetz. Hi name may seem familiar to a lot of individuals when i have interviewed him previously in relation to his work connecting  bacteriophages with Parkinson’s disease.  

Today, we explore his latest research associated with coronavirus (COVID-19). Yes, it’s technical, but his discovery of homologous prion sequences within the virus, and, in it’s human receptor website is unbelievable.

Without a doubt a little more about Dr. Tetz.

George Tetz, MD, PhD is Chief executive officer from the Human Microbiology Institute (http://world wide web. in New You are able to City. His research concentrates on study regarding bacteriophages: infections that infect bacteria. Tetz studies how bacteriophages can lead to microbiome dysbiosis in a variety of human chronic inflammatory conditions. Also, he examines how bacteriophages can behave as novel mammalian pathogens by interacting directly with human cells and also the host immune response. His recent findings show an earlier role for bacteriophage activity in conditions for example Parkinson’s disease, Your Body and “leaky-gut” syndrome.

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