The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, M.D. and Dr. Dale Bredesen

It’s exciting to look at new developments in medicine, particularly when new treating illnesses are developed. Regrettably, there’s no treatment which has any merit for Alzheimer’s. Consider it, this ailment that affects near to 5.8 million Americans is really a disease that we’ve no significant treatment whatsoever.

As numerous individuals know, Dr. Dale Bredesen has pioneered a singular method of Alzheimer’s. Instead of offering up just one treatment, he’s produced a multi-pronged program that’s showing effective in reversing this ailment. Yes, I’ll repeat, the program has reversed Alzheimer’s.

I formerly interviewed Dr. Bredesen about his book, The Finish of Alzheimer’s, and the new book, The Finish of Alzheimer’s Program, focuses more about supplying hands-on information regarding what everyone can do in order to preserve our minds in addition to what you can do for patients with existing Alzheimer’s dementia.

Such as the original book, I know this new work will quickly be considered a best seller, worldwide. And That I was requested to supply its foreword, which you’ll continue reading this site: https://world wide



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