The Dangers of Fructose & Uric Acid – with Dr. Richard Johnson | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 142

Fructose and The Crystals – What Once Helped Us Survive Now Poses an Existential Threat

The eye in the crystals, well past its role in gout, concentrating on its pivotal role in metabolic issues, is expanding quickly, and globally. Undoubtedly, an important reason behind this latest understanding may be the work of Dr. Richard Manley, professor of drugs in the College of Colorado Med school.

Dr. Manley comes with an exciting new book titled, Nature Wants Us to become Fat. We are discussing his new book today around the podcast. As numerous individuals will note, this really is Dr. Johnson’s second appearance around the program and we’ll think about this to become an essential “part two,” obtaining where we ended before in the brilliant elucidation of the recently discovered, central player in metabolic illnesses, the crystals.

On the personal note, in the last year I’ve become to understand Ron perfectly, and that i absolutely cherish our newly found friendship.

I additionally explore the crystals it within my new book, Drop Acidity, but to become obvious, the incredible body of research is associated with Dr. Manley. And because of this , that readers of my new book will note that it’s focused on Dr. Manley as my method of honoring him for his incredible body of research that clearly helps, and continuously help a lot of people continuing to move forward.



:00 Intro

2:36 Fructose’s Threat around the Brain & Mitochondria

13:25 Glycolysis Versus ATP within the Brain

18:56 Uric Acid’s Impact on Cells

29:51 Fructose & Liver Disease

37:13 The Signals The Crystals Transmits our Physiques

50:39 How Our Diet Impact the body

59:26 The Hormone that Changes The Crystals

1:02:19 Conclusion


Richard J. Manley, M.D. is a practicing physician and clinical researcher for more than twenty five years. He’s worldwide famous for his seminal focus on the function of sugar and it is component fructose, in weight problems and diabetes. His work has additionally recommended a simple role for the crystals (that is generated during fructose metabolic process) within the metabolic syndrome. Dr Manley is really a prolific researcher with research that’s been funded through the National Institute of Health because the 1980s. He is part of the American Society for Clinical Analysis and it has printed over 700 papers, lectured in over 45 countries, and it is a very reported researcher. He formerly authored The Sugar Fix with Timothy Gower in 2008 (Rodale) and also the Fat Switch this year. He’s presently a Professor of drugs in the College of Colorado in Denver. He resides in Aurora, Colorado together with his wife, Olga, children, Ricky and Tracy, and 2 miniature golden doodles, Charlie Brown and Apollo 11.


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