The Correlation Between Happiness & Brain Health – with Dr. Amen | The Empowering Neurologist EP153

Who does not wish to be more happy? My close friend Dr. Daniel Amen, in the new book, You More happy, addresses that challenge and provides us significant things to do, at this time. Interestingly, Dr. Amen requires a personalized medicine method of regaining happiness or a minimum of improving happiness so to speak, by demonstrating that so what can enhance our happiness is, to some extent, patient specific. Sure, you will find the overall recommendations regarding our day-to-day lifestyle choices including diet, but Dr. Amen draws upon his vast experience over decades of interactions with patients in addition to his evaluation in excess of 200,000 brain scans to build up recommendations for individuals who could be much more useful regarding achieving a greater amount of satisfaction with existence and overall happiness.

Again, the brand new book is, You More happy, and i believe you are greatly likely to love this particular interview.



:00 Intro

6:02 Happiness and also the Brain

8:09 Silencing the Noise inside your Mind

12:15 “More” Doesn’t cause you to More happy

15:20 why is for any more happy brain

26:41 Cultivating a happiness program

32:00 the Cerebellums impact

36:30 Conclusion



Daniel G. Amen, MD, helps huge numbers of people change their marbles and lives. He’s the founding father of Amen Clinics with nine locations over the U . s . States, a 12-time New You are able to Occasions bestselling author, and also the cohost from the Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, that they creates together with his wife, Tana. He’s created 15 national public television specials concerning the brain which have aired greater than 120,000 occasions across The United States. Dr. Amen believes we are able to finish mental illness by developing a revolution in brain health, and that he regularly talks to companies, organizations, and places of worship on how to possess a better brain along with a better existence. He’s countless loyal brain warrior supporters on his social networking accounts.


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