Snot 411 (your immune system will thank you)

Full show notes and transcript:

Disclaimer: This episode is meant simply to expand your understanding and isn’t an alternative to seeking medical health advice. It’s vital that you first talk with your physician regarding the information you want to apply, specifically for serious illnesses.


Ah, spring.. It’s the season once the cold begins to wane, and trees and flowers blossom.

But when you are certainly one of over 24 million Americans who are suffering from periodic allergic reactions, individuals pretty trees and plants may cause you to feel worse, NOT better.

But, I’ve news: my guest states you are able to reduce your odds of experiencing air-born illness to begin with.

Which all starts with the nasal and dental microbiomes.

She’s Dr. Nazlie Latefi, a existence sciences expert and co-developer of BioVanta – an OTC product considered to tackle the main-reason for respiratory system illness.

Dr. Latefi and that i perform a deep dive around the dental and nasal microbiome, discuss why a lot of people are afflicted by periodic illnesses to begin with, and share why is BioVanta not the same as other cold and allergy products you’re most likely acquainted with.

About this episode you’ll learn:

The way your nasal and throat lining is like your gut lining (and just how it’s been assisting you) (5:57)

Where respiratory system infections really originate from (and the way to assist in preventing them) (6:50)

Why SNOT is really a great factor (9:34)

The threats your throat and nasal microbiome might be facing (and just what age and diet relate to it) (11:30)

Why diabetics might be more vulnerable to COVID-19 complications – and also the conversation you ought to have together with your physician (12:49)

The Actual reason individuals are weaker for you to get sick during cooler several weeks (14:22)

Why allergic reactions might be affecting you greater than others (and the way to assist in preventing them) (15:30)

Where one can obtain the first natural over-the-counter drug made to assist with common colds and allergic reactions (24:05)

The Aspirin myth – and why it isn’t always advantageous (25:55)

This episode is backed by Applied Biological Laboratories, however, my onions are my very own.

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