Skip the gym – do THIS instead | Ep143

Everyone recognizes that walking will work for you – right?

But tend to walking really get better because of you than heading to a health club, lifting weights… or perhaps running? Well, the solution may surprise you. The thing is, science implies that living a wholesome, more happy existence takes Not only speaking the talk. It really takes walking the walk – literally.

And in just a moment, you’re likely to discover why. About this episode from the Dr. Gundry Podcast, I’ll be talking to the writer, neuroscientist and bonafide walking expert, Geebet O’Mara.

Geebet is really a professor of experimental brain research and also the author from the new book In Praise of Walking: A Brand New Scientific Exploration.

About this episode, Geebet and that i discuss why walking is among the best types of exercise there’s, how it will help your posture, safeguard your organs, support “reversed aging”, and a whole lot.

About this episode you’ll learn:

03:00 – 4 ways SITTING can destroy your wellbeing – and also the simple trick for reversing the harm

05:00 – The reason why you don’t really need 10,000 steps each day (and also the REAL “step goal” you need to shoot for)

06:30 – The Way I unintentionally lost 50 pounds in a single year – and the best way to perform the same

09:30 – 5 Approaches to have more stages in – without realizing it

10:30 – What walking gives your mind – and why it’s among the best tools for creativeness

13:00 – How you can “age BACKWARDS” physically and psychologically (it’s quick, free, and super simple)

17:00 – The reality regarding walking versus. running with regards to your wellbeing (and what you ought to know should you choose both)

18:30 – Walking for cardiovascular health versus. problem-solving (yes, you’ll need two completely different techniques!)

20:20 – The “energy snacks” I recommend for curbing any craving, boosting my productivity, and getting out my creative side (hint — it isn’t inside your kitchen)

22:00 – Why walking at the moment of day provides you with a dual-dose of health advantages

30:00 -The “movement trick” to DRAMATICALLY lowering your chance of developing despression symptoms and dementia

45:40 -The main difference between your lectins in nightshade fruits as well as their leaves – and whether they’re safe to consume

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