Seasons, hormones, and your health | Ep155

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I talk constantly about the significance of eating using the seasons.

But modern existence means residing in tune using the seasons could be very difficult for most people.

However… there’s a method to get it done without “sounding the grid” and my guest today literally authored it onto it.

He’s Dallas Hartwig, co-creator from the Whole30 program, and also the author from the 2020 book The 4 Seasons Solution: The Groundbreaking New Arrange for Feeling Better, Living Well, and Powering Lower Our Always-On Lives.

On today’s episode, Dallas and that i are likely to discuss the significance of “hibernating” in the winter months, the most crucial factor that you can do first factor every day, and also the food you must have to chop out of your diet if you wish to reduce inflammation.

It is a wide-varying conversation that touches on most of the a few things i outline within my latest book The Power Paradox, and i believe you are likely to like it — so don’t miss it!

Within this episode, you’ll learn:

The #1 mistake we have made nowadays (and just how that may dramatically impact your wellbeing) (1:15)

What’s really happening within your body when winter changes into spring (5:00)

How you can “hibernate” during the cold months (regardless of what your schedule appears like) (9:45)

What your phone (yes, your phone) has that is similar to coffee (and just what which means to improve your health) (13:15)

Why grey skies could be GREAT to improve your health (great news for those my buddies within the Off-shore Northwest) (16:45)

The “forest fix” for powering your physical and mental health (plus — how to get it done even if you reside in a large city)

When you really eat MORE fruit (yes, I stated it) (26:50)

The #1 factor causing low levels of energy (with no, it isn’t what food you’re eating) (33:15)

How cutting THIS out of your diet can dramatically affect your amounts of inflammation (hint: it isn’t sugar…) (35:00)

Who are able to “cheat” dieting — and who should not sneak food in the “no no” list (37:00)

Why you need to workout LESS during the cold months (but do that rather a figure) (40:00)

Why you need to stop carrying this out every December (and how to proceed rather) (44:45)

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