Quinoa | SuperFood or Super-Fad?

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SuperFood or SuperFad is Dr. Gundry’s new YouTube series where he dives in to the wild realm of food and diet trends to look for the truth on popular foods. On today’s episode, I’m here to speak about everyone’s favorite high protein grain — Quinoa.

So what’s the offer with quinoa… and it is it a superfood — or perhaps a super-fad?

Quinoa continues to be touted for some time now like a “superfood”. However quinoa is stuffed with harmful lectins and it is not even close to super – especially with regards to supporting your wellbeing.

Nutritional lectins are available in a variety of so-known as “health” foods. You’ll find lectins in from raw kidney beans to white-colored grain, from wheat germ to junk foods like sourdough bread. Even your preferred milk products can contain lectins when the creatures that leave the milk you drink consume lectin-wealthy feed. And also the best factor to complete when you discover lectin-wealthy foods like quinoa would be to prevent them.

Obviously, many have touted pseudo-grains like buckwheat and quinoa for his or her health advantages, but you need to know it’s not really healthy because of the lectins in quinoa.

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