Pomegranates | SuperFood or Super-Fad?

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SuperFood or SuperFad is Dr. Gundry’s new YouTube series where he dives in to the wild realm of food and diet trends to look for the truth on popular foods.

In the current episode, Dr. Gundry kicks things served by among the first fruits that began the superfoods trend — pomegranates.

Formally known as Punica granatum, and an element of the Lythraceae family, the pomegranate is really a berry! Not you could pop the entire factor inside your mouth.

Pomegranates will be the size a grapefruit. They’ve an inedible hard skin along with a rosy, red flesh encapsulates every seed. The seeds are what contain the fruit’s healthy power.

The pomegranate arises from parts of the med and areas of Northern India. However nowadays, they’ve grown very popular that you could locate them in The United States, North Africa, and Asia.

So What Can THE POMEGRANATE DO To Improve Your Health?

Within the finish, you can observe that pomegranates can perform a lot of good for you. They’ve been lengthy celebrated and even for good reason.

For joint health issues or high bloodstream pressure, speak to your physician. They can think of a arrange for targeting your exact needs and may answer any queries you might have about these benefits. They might recommend adding it for your diet.

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