Osteoporosis is Not a Calcium Deficiency

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If brittle bones isn’t a calcium deficiency, then what exactly is it? Here’s what you ought to know.


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Heart Calcification:

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Within this video, we’re going to speak about brittle bones. The very first factor you need to know is the fact that brittle bones isn’t a calcium deficiency.

Many those who have brittle bones turn to consuming lots of milk and taking supplements. However this won’t make the condition disappear.

Data implies that supplements don’t assist with brittle bones. Actually, it also increases your risk for cardiac arrest and stroke.

500 mg of calcium daily increases your chance of cardiac arrest by 30% and stroke by 20%.

Using calcium and vitamin D regularly doesn’t prevent osteoporotic fractures—but it will increase the chance of kidney gemstones.

Calcium is tightly controlled. An excessive amount of calcium, iron, or copper all can cause serious health issues.

You’ve got a much more leniency with minerals like magnesium and potassium as your body will undoubtedly eliminate the surplus.

30% of individuals in america have calcification within their arterial blood vessels. In my opinion this really is partially because of a lot calcium supplementation.

A heart calcification test provides you with advisable of methods much calcification is within your arterial blood vessels.

Milk-alkali syndrome is really a condition where someone is consuming an excessive amount of calcium. This problem results in kidney failure, psychosis, dizziness, confusion, poor appetite, and dying. This is often because of consuming an excessive amount of milk or taking a lot of antacids.

It’s best to obtain your calcium naturally from food and steer clear of calcium carbonate.

Brittle bones is really a severe lack of bone mass and density. Bone is made of protein, minerals, and calcium—not just calcium. Osteopenia is really a lesser form of brittle bones. Osteomalacia happens when the bones become soft—also referred to as rickets in youngsters.

All of these are a direct result a vitamin D deficiency. Stress, cortisol, malabsorption, low oestrogen, and steroids are contributors to brittle bones.

Vitamin D increases calcium absorption by 20X. Without vitamin D, you would need to take 20X the calcium to soak up enough for healthy bones. Vitamin K2 can also be vital. It will help keep calcium inside your bones and never inside your arterial blood vessels.

Get lots of sunlight and maintain a healthy diet to aid your bones.

Physical exercise can also be essential in staying away from brittle bones.

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Thank you for watching. I really hope this video helped obvious up why brittle bones isn’t the result of a calcium deficiency.

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