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Continuous Glucose Monitoring – A Effective Tool for Metabolic Health

Once we have discussed so frequently, metabolic function is a vital player for the whole body as it requires health, disease resistance, and durability. It’s essential that people maintain normal bloodstream blood sugar levels. Fortunately, we’re learning increasingly more about how exactly diet and activities influence bloodstream glucose, which enables us to create important changes that may create health.

Today, we will explore new technology, the continual glucose monitor (CGM), with this guest Casey Means, MD. She’s the founding father of Levels, that is a remarkably sophisticated but additionally user-friendly platform using data from CGM monitoring devices to let us completely understand the results in our lifestyle choices, when it comes to the way they engage in as referenced by our bloodstream sugar levels. This data, provided instantly, essentially enables us to change our lifestyle choices to be able to possess a significant positive impact on our overall health future.


Casey Means, MD is really a Stanford-trained physician, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founding father of metabolic health company Levels, and Affiliate Editor from the Worldwide Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention. Her mission would be to maximize human potential and turn back epidemic of avoidable chronic disease by empowering people with tech-enabled tools that may inform smart, personalized, and sustainable nutritional and lifestyle choices. Dr. Means’s perspective continues to be lately featured within the New You are able to Occasions, Men’s Health, Forbes, Business Insider, Techcrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Hill, Metabolic process, Endocrine Today, and much more. She’s an award-winning biomedical investigator, with past research positions in the NIH, Stanford Med school, and NYU.

Two final points. First, I lately had the chance to write an op-erectile dysfunction letter to President Biden together with Dr. Means and 2nd, I proudly serve around the Advisory Board for Levels.

Levels may be the first biowearable that gives real-time feedback about how your diet plan impacts your wellbeing. By leveraging continuous glucose monitoring technology, the amount program helps users close the loop between health insurance and daily lifestyle choices around food, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Our clients are slimming down, finding their optimal diet, and improving their lengthy-term health.

Levels is presently managing a closed beta program having a waitlist well over 115,000 people. If you want to skip that line and take part in their early access program today, make use of the link


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