Make Your Menstrual Cycle Your Superpower – with Dr. Estima | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 137

Just how can a lady move from thinking about her period as being a definite archenemy to some host to celebrating its arrival each month? Just how can a lady eat in a way regarding recognition her menstrual period, through menopause and beyond? How come orgasms essential for female health? These are the intriguing questions we’ll explore today around the podcast.

Our guest, Dr. Stephanie Estima, may be the author of the wonderful book The Gloria Body that explores the incredible choreography of hormone changes that occur each month in premenopausal women, how these changes manifest through the monthly cycle, and why lifestyle choices exceedingly valuable when it comes to aligning these changes with the aim of optimal health and wellness.


Dr. Estima is really a physician of chiropractic having a special curiosity about metabolic process, body composition, functional neurology, and feminine physiology.

She has been featured on Thrive Global, from the Huffington Publish, and it has over 3.5 million article reads on She’s helped a large number of women slim down, regulate hormones, and obtain off medications together with her signature program, The Estima Diet. Frequency higher her each week on her behalf podcast, Better! With Dr. Stephanie. Her best-selling book and the topic of our time together today, The Gloria Body, explores female-centric concepts of diet, exercise physiology, and stress management for ladies to know their natural rhythms and importantly, as Dr. Estima reveals, the pedal rotation of the hormones are really superpowers.

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