Magnesium Protects Against the Bad Effects of Calcium

Magnesium and calcium possess a interesting relationship. Look at this.

Magnesium and Sleep Cycles:

Magnesium Wealthy Foods:


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2:01 Magnesium and calcium relationship 

Within this video, we’re going to speak about magnesium and calcium. I will explain the interesting effect magnesium is wearing calcium. 

Magnesium is involved with over 350 biochemical reactions. It’s a coenzyme involved with enzyme reactions. It is also a vital electrolyte. 

Magnesium can also be involved with:

• Muscle relaxation

• Nerve transmission 

• Fluid balance 

• pH

• ATP production

• Mood 

• Anti-stress

• Sleep 

• Bone physiology 

• Heart physiology 

• Supporting insulin

Magnesium is essential. But, as much as 60% of people includes a subclinical magnesium deficiency. Subclinical implies that it will not be visible on a bloodstream test, but you’re still deficient. The deficiency is within the cell. 98% of the magnesium is within the cell, not outdoors from the cell. So, when you get a bloodstream make sure discover that your magnesium levels are common inside your bloodstream, it might not really mean anything. 

• The RDAs of magnesium for males are 420 milligrams. 

• The RDAs of magnesium for ladies are 320 milligrams. 

Good causes of magnesium:

• Pumpkin seeds 

• Spinach 

• Swiss chard 

• Sunflower seeds

• Leafy greens 

• Salmon

Among the essential things magnesium does is keeping calcium outdoors from the cell. If there’s enough magnesium within the cell, it may prevent calcium from going within the cell and creating damage.

When there’s low magnesium, and calcium will get unmanageable, you can begin getting:

• Calcification

• Hyperexcitability from the central nervous system

• Insulin problems 

• Stiffness 

• Sticky blood 

• The liver can begin to create an excessive amount of glucose

• Kidney stones 

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Thank you for watching! I really hope this video can help you better understand magnesium and calcium, as well as the magnesium and calcium relationship.

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