Luke Storey | Your choices are POWERFUL (here’s why) | Ep187

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Ever encountered a high profile fashion stylist? What about a life-style design expert?

Well, my guest is experienced both in.

He’s Luke Floor, a transformational coach, presenter, and entrepreneur that has spent the final 2 decades developing and refining the best lifestyle. Luke shares his techniques for healing and happiness through his lifestyle design coaching system, YouTube funnel, and extremely popular podcast, The Existence Stylist. And today, he’s here to assist bring your health – As well as your style – one stage further!

About this episode, Luke and i’ll share what living the best lifestyle can often mean for you personally, professional fashion advice to assist you feel and look your very best – regardless of your financial allowance, and tips and methods for optimizing your happiness and health.

About this episode you’ll learn:

How cultivating spirituality inside your existence may really improve your physical biology (and support your mental health simultaneously) (9:20)

The minutes-lengthy morning routine that may improve your existence! (11:00)

How how you have a shower can dramatically improve your mood (18:16)

The shocking truth concerning the risks of residing in a large city (is it impacting Your wellbeing?) (19:05)

The security device inside your child’s room that may really be harming them – and the way to minimize the risks (30:00)

Why I haven’t used sun block in decades (rather than obtain a sunburn) – and also the surprising trick I personally use rather (38:55)

Why how you dress could really be inside your mental health(and strategies for making use of your wardrobe to improve your confidence) (48:06)

Why buying “trendy clothing” could be a money trap – and my wardrobe trick to saving some you cash (50:20)

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