Learn How to LIVE LONGER – with Sergey Young | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 129

Growing Youthful – Where We’re where We’re Going

Do you want to live to become 200? Although this may appear whimsical, we’re now getting glimpses of methods this might really happen. And shy of this goal, we ought to explore what’s open to us today that could well impact not just our lifespans, but possibly more to the point, our healthspans, meaning how lengthy we stay healthy and involved in this excellent gift of existence.

As our guest describes, we ought to think about the actions we are able to take today like a “longevity bridge”, allowing us to stay in position to benefit from the incredible emerging technologies in this subject because they come in the a long time.

Our guest today is Sergey Youthful, author from the new book The Science of accelerating Youthful. Sergey is really a durability investor and visionary having a pursuit to extend the healthy lifespans of just one billion people. He’s the founding father of the $100M Durability Vision Fund—one from the couple of funds specializing solely in durability and assisting to accelerate durability breakthroughs. Additionally, Sergey is really a development sponsor old Reversal XPRIZE, a worldwide initiative made to cure aging and age-related illnesses.

“My goal would be to live to 200—and to locate an inexpensive method for everybody else to complete exactly the same. We’re around the edge of the Durability Revolution, with new scientific breakthroughs and exciting technological advances now to be able to reverse aging and treat formerly incurable illnesses.”

– Sergey Youthful


SERGEY Youthful

Founder, Durability Vision Fund

Sergey Youthful is really a durability investor and visionary having a pursuit to extend healthy lifespans of 1 billion people. To achieve that, Sergey founded Durability Vision Fund to accelerate existence extension technological breakthroughs and also to make durability affordable and available to all.

Sergey is around the Board of Company directors from the American Federation of getting older Research (AFAR) and also the Development Sponsor old REVERSAL XPRIZE global competition made to cure aging. Sergey is another Top-100 Durability Leader, who’s transforming the planet, one workplace at any given time, with Durability@Work – the very first non-profit corporate durability program available.

Sergey Youthful continues to be featured like a top durability expert and contributor on CNN, Fox News, and Forbes. Because the author of books like the Science of accelerating Youthful and also the mastermind behind the internet existence extension platform SergeyYoung.com, Sergey is enthusiastic about discussing news in the exciting realm of durability.

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