Keto Diet Proven Effective in Alzheimer's – with Dr. Phillips | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 128

Within our discussions recently about Alzheimer’s, certainly one nutritional recommendation appears to achieve the spotlight which is actually a diet that can help produce ketones. To become fair, the majority of the support for any ketogenic diet so far continues to be theoretical although early animal studies have been supportive.

Now, I am excited to are convinced that a real interventional trial while using ketogenic diet in Alzheimer’s patients continues to be completed and it has shown quite outstanding results. The research, done by my pal Dr. Matthew Phillips in Nz, shown significant improvement in a number of parameters in Alzheimer’s patients who have been put on a ketogenic diet compared to their standard diet. This is actually the actual study:

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A lot of you might remember Dr. Phillips because he made an appearance around the podcast previously describing his outcomes of utilizing a ketogenic diet, effectively, in Parkinson’s disease:

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Here’s more details about him.


Matt is really a full-time clinical and research specialist at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, Nz. His foremost passion is look around the potential practicality, safety, and effectiveness of metabolic therapies, particularly fasting and ketogenic diets, in creating alternate metabolic claims that may improve not just the signs and symptoms, but additionally function and excellence of existence, for those who have a number of difficult disorders.


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