Is Your Keto Ice Cream Keto-Friendly?

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Keto frozen treats: could it be really keto-friendly? Discover.


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:00 Keto ice cream 

:10 Defining keto 

:20 Healthy keto 

:40 Sugar alcohols

1:18 Searching in a couple of different keto frozen treats brands 

3:03 Searching at a lot of ingredients 

3:55 The greatest trouble with keto ice cream 

4:46 Just about all milk-protein concentrates are imported  

Today I wish to assess the “so-known as” keto-friendly Ice creams. You are likely to be uncovered to numerous different products, and often it’s difficult to understand if they are really healthy. 

For something to become keto, it must be low-carb. But, even that’s a loose term without any legal definition. 

Healthy keto is really a healthy form of the ketogenic diet. Including nutrient-dense foods which have greater-quality ingredients.

Many of these brands make use of a sugar alcohol known as erythritol. What’s good about erythritol is the fact that it’s zero around the index list. What’s bad about this is the fact that unless of course it’s non-GMO, it may be produced from GMO ingredients. No famous labels who advertise keto frozen treats mentioned whether it was non-GMO. 

Searching much deeper in a couple of Keto frozen treats brands 

• Enlightened — 7g sugar alcohol/sugar 

• Keto — 8g sugar alcohol/tapioca fiber 

• Digital rebel — 9g sugar alcohol 

• Halo — 10g of internet carbs (contains wheat flour and sugar)

A few of the other ingredients in keto frozen treats:

• Dairy — could it be organic? 

• Sugar — You wouldn’t want any sugar 

• Wheat — You wouldn’t want any wheat 

• Tapioca — You wouldn’t want any tapioca 

• Egg yolk — could it be organic? 

The greatest trouble with every one of those “so-known as” keto-friendly frozen treats brands is definitely an component known as MPC (milk protein concentrate). Another reputation for this is milk protein isolates. MPC is several proteins which come from milk which are dehydrated and dried up. It features a mixture of casein, whey protein protein, along with other proteins. These proteins happen to be associated with inflammation within the liver. 

Something lots of people don’t understand is that the majority milk-protein concentrates are imported from China and Mexico. These imported goods are also not controlled. 

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