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The Brand New You are able to Occasions bestselling author of Grain Brain and Brain Wash offers simple nutritional and lifestyle tweaks that will help you slim down, prevent (and reverse) disease, and live a lengthy and healthy existence by reduction of high the crystals levels—the hidden health risks you did not know you’d.

Exactly what do weight problems, insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver disease, hypertension, coronary disease, stroke, nerve disorders, and premature dying share? All could be stoked by high the crystals levels.

Our respected scientific literature is full of evidence that elevated the crystals levels lie at the bottom of numerous pervasive health problems, but mainstream medicine typically remains not aware of the connection. This is particularly alarming because a lot of Americans have no idea they suffer from elevated levels, putting them in danger of developing or exacerbating potentially existence-threatening illnesses.

Offering an interesting mixture of science and practical advice, Drop Acidity exposes the deadly truth about the crystals and teaches invaluable ways of manage its levels, including:

– Simple nutritional edits centered on reducing fructose and foods full of “purines” that may raise the crystals

– Natural hacks that ‘abnormal’ amounts for example consuming tart cherries, ascorbic acid, quercetin, and occasional

– Identifying common pharmaceuticals that threaten to improve the crystals

– Lifestyle interventions, like restorative sleep and workout

– How you can easily test out your the crystals levels at home—a test routinely performed inside your doctor’s office during regular check-ups but typically overlooked.

Featuring the groundbreaking “LUV” (Lower Uric Values) diet, 35 scrumptious recipes, self-assessment quizzes, along with a 21-day program for shedding levels, Drop Acidity empowers readers using the information they have to address this hidden danger and live longer, leaner, and healthier lives.

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