How to: Unlock the RIGHT job opportunities (and find career joy) | Ep179

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Visit school. Obtain a job. Climb the organization ladder. And eventually… retire!

It’s the professional model we have all been trained to follow along with.

But here’s the factor: an astonishing 70% of american citizens say they think disengaged in their jobs.

And 9 from every 10 people say they’re prepared to have a pay cut to complete more-significant work.

So how will you start trading for career pleasure?

Are you able to create a switch, even when you are DECADES to your profession?

And is it necessary to make financial sacrifices to complete that which you love?

How will you help university students inside your existence find the correct profession?

Well, my guest has got the solutions.

She’s Andrea Koppel, the Founder and Chief executive officer of Time4Coffee Podcast and College2Career Academy. Andrea, that has been very effective in multiple careers, states it’s NEVER far too late to create a career jump – regardless of how big.

Which for many people, it’s among the best decisions they’ll ever make.

About this episode, Andrea and that i reveal the tips for helping your college age family people discover the career they love, professional pivoting and just how switching your career can lead to a more happy, more fulfilling existence.

About this episode you’ll learn:

How This may be standing when it comes to both you and your dream job – and you skill about this TODAY (10:49)

The “imposter syndrome” trick – and just how it can benefit you improve your confidence and land the ideal job (and sometimes it means creating a major career switch) (14:20)

Why “adaptable learners” have a big edge on others – and the initial step to increasingly adaptable yourself (20:14)

How unlocking your “hidden superpowers” may be the catalyst to progressing your job As well as your existence – and also the steps you have to take (28:00)

Why Andrea states THIS is sufficient to quit any job (it is something a lot of people face at work) – and how to pull off locating a job suited for you (32:30)

How my spouse, Cent, designed a lucrative career switch at 50 – and the best way to still follow your dreams (regardless of how old you are or professional experience) (43:07)

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